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milling and OSN TVCH

The company "Politan" performs milling and lathe work in Moscow any complexity, using modern CNC machines and the best software. Here you can order milling, turning and heat treatment of parts made of metals and alloys at the highest quality level, and at competitive prices!

Our own fleet of milling equipment allows us to carry out a wide range of work:

High-quality processing of horizontal, vertical and inclined surfaces
Processing of external and internal surfaces of parts (conical, cylindrical and shaped);
High-precision milling of parts with a rotation form
Threading on the external and internal surfaces of the part
Cutting the workpiece
Making the grooves and slots
Rolling riffles
Treatment of fillets

Materials available for processing: carbon, alloy, stainless steel, cast iron, bronze, brass, copper and aluminum alloys, fluoroplast, polymers and composites.

The complexity of the orders on Metalworking
Thanks to the high qualification of our specialists, the use of advanced foreign equipment and software, the company Polistan LLC has the ability to perform milling and turning processing of parts of any configuration, in accordance with the permissible parameters of the workpiece, from any types of metal and other materials.


body parts
milling of grooves
models for vacuum forming;
and much more

Part parameters

3-axis milling:
the length of the workpiece is up to 600 mm.
the width of the workpiece is up to 300 mm.
the height of the workpiece is up to 250 mm.
5-axis milling (faceplate f 380mm.):
the length of the workpiece is up to 300 mm.
the width of the workpiece is up to 350 mm.
the height of the workpiece is up to 350 mm.

Order volume