equipment for welding of polymers
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Machines-Sliders HDTV

High-tech equipment for welding plastics with high-frequency current

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Ultrasonic clock machines

Universal machines for soldering and cutting soft and hard polymers

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Spare parts and consumables

A comprehensive range of parts and accessories for machine tools TVCH and CCS.

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HDTV machines for Stretch ceilings

Two-post HDTV machines, single-post HDTV machines

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Equipment for welding of PVC

In the company Polistan.ru you can buy equipment for welding PVC and other polymer materials. Here you will find HDTV machines for the production of stretch ceilings, simultaneous soldering and cutting of soft and hard plastics, units for continuous ultrasonic welding, as well as a full list of spare parts and accessories for the proposed installations. You can also buy HDTV machines from us.

Equipment for stretch ceilings

We offer you affordable two-post HDTV machines that allow you to produce both the fabric of stretch ceilings themselves and the harpoon for their attachment. Formed under a high frequency current, the seams are perfectly smooth, strong and almost invisible.

TVCH machine is not a purely tensioning equipment. It can also be used for interior and outdoor advertising, awnings, canopies, tents, notebook covers, business cards, mouse pads, blister packaging, inflatable toys and mattresses.

PVC ultrasonic welding machines

Ultrasonic welding allows you to perform permanent joints not only on soft thermoplastic materials, but also on hard plastics. Unlike HDTV technology, ultrasonic welding and cutting machines can be used for all plastic materials, including polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene.

Our ultrasonic polymer welding machines and automatic PVC welding line are indispensable in the manufacture of plastic toys, sports equipment, food containers, as well as all kinds of covers, bags and banner cloths, disposable clothing, Shoe covers, etc.

Prices presented in the company Polistan.ru HDTV and ultrasound machines will surprise you!

Spare parts for machine tools TVCH and CCS

Our company always has in stock spare parts for ultrasonic welding and tooling for machine tools TVCH. At any time, you can select replacement generator lamps, electrodes, waveguides, timers, resistors, and other components and accessories for the purchased installation.