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The electrode strips

Warehouse program

In the company Polistan.ru you can purchase HDPE electrode strips for welding, cutting and stamping plastics. Our offered tires can be used in the manufacture of stretch ceilings, decorative contour cutting of thin polymer fabrics, applying logos and inscriptions on products made of PVC, cardboard and synthetic leather.

Electrodes for welding

Our catalog offers a wide range of electrode strips for welding PVC film of any thickness. These attachments for HDTV equipment serve as a conductor of energy, provide heating, compression, molecular bonding and cooling of polymer materials. It is through the electrodes that a high-frequency current is fed to the welding line, and it is through them that heat is withdrawn from the finished seam.

Welding technology

To form a continuous connection, the bonded plastics are clamped between two electrodes. High-frequency energy is generated. The molecules are accelerated, as a result of which the polymer material is heated from the inside and passes into a visco-fluid state. The molecules of the two materials mix to form a single seam.

Electrodes for cutting

If you need HDPE electrode strips for simultaneous welding and cutting, choose models with cutting-welded edges.

Welding-cutting technology

Welding with simultaneous trimming of the polymer material along the contour is carried out on a TVCH machine with a press. With the edges of the electrodes is forced viscous-fluid thermoplastic material through and through. If the plastic is not sufficiently thermoplastic, only the upper layer is pushed through, and the lower layer is cut down later by mechanical means.

Electrodes for stamping

The application of relief inscriptions and images on plastic products, as well as the formation of decorative bends and seams is carried out using the same HDPE electrode strips for cutting PVC. However, the splints used in this case also have a certain pattern on the welded part.

HDV electrode strips are used exclusively for foil stamping. A metallized image is applied to the products to be sealed.

For purchasing and availability, contact the Manager:

Yuri Konstantinov
+7 (495) 748-89-02


A=23,56 mm B C
two films with thickness
100-150 MKR
23,66 0,1
two films 150-250 microns
or three for 80 MKR
23,76 0,2
two films of 250-350 microns
or three for 100-120 microns
23,86 0,3
  23,96 0,4
  24,06 0,5
  24,16 0,6
  24,26 0,7
S - welding
TS - cutting-welding
STS - welding-cutting-welding
Т - cutting at 45 or 60 degrees
S.G - welding of inflatable products
TS.IN - cutting - welding a thin edge

Cutting / welding

Thin edge cutting / welding

For inflatable products

Welding / cutting circles, ovals


Rounded corner
Holes, welding + trimming
Отверстия, обрезка
Ручки для подвешивания
Овальные отверстия, обрезка
Сварка + обрезка
5/0 18
5N 19
6 21
7 22
7 esp 23
7a 24
7b 25
8 35
8a 36
9 57
9a 58
10 W9
12 W11
13 79
14 80
15 81
16 82
1 55
1a 56
2 59
2a 60
2b 61
2c 63a
2d 63b
2e 63c
2f 63d
2g 63e
2h 64a
2i 64b
2l 64c
2m 64d
3 64e
4 65a
5 65b
5a/0 65c
5b/0 65d
5c/0 65e
5a/N 66a
5b/N 66b
5c/N 66c
16m 66d
18d 66e
18m 67a
30 67b
31 67c
32 67d
32TC 67e
32TL 68a
33 68b
34a 68c
34b 68d
34c 68e
34d 69a
34e 69b
34f 69c
45/0 69d
45 69e
46 W12
46a W14
46b 70
46c 71
47a 72
47 73
48 74
49 75
50 76
51 77
52 78
53 83