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HDTV machines for Stretch ceilings

In the company Polistan.ru you can buy modern HDTV machines of various types for the production of stretch ceilings at a good price. We offer you a choice of high-quality models of two-post and single-post HDTV machines of Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese production directly from manufacturers.

The equipment presented on the site allows you to effectively, quickly and safely weld PVC films of stretch ceilings. The technology of polymer soldering with a high frequency current eliminates the possibility of heating, melting, and damage to the areas adjacent to the junction. Welding is performed at the molecular level, which guarantees high quality of the seam. It is almost invisible, perfectly smooth and maximally resistant to stretching and tearing (it can withstand loads up to 100 kg/m).

HDTV welding technology

HDTV machines for the production of stretch ceilings have special electrode strips for welding the fabric. The materials are connected between these metal splints. They produce a high frequency current, which results in local heating and polymer bonding.

Advantages of buying TVCH equipment for stretch ceilings from us:

We offer attractive prices for HDTV machines for stretch ceilings in Moscow from the manufacturer.
Always in the presence of the electrodes for high frequency machines. Once you buy the equipment, you can always buy additional specialized electrodes for welding stretch ceilings, as well as other spare parts and accessories.

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