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Spare parts for machine tools TVCH

In the company Polistan.ru you can buy all the necessary components and spare parts for TVCH machines at a favorable price. We have tried to collect in our catalog replacement parts for mechanisms and components that are subject to the most rapid wear.

Here you will find:

  • electronic control and control boards;
  • relay;
  • generator lamps for HDTV equipment;
  • resistors;
  • capacitors;
  • diodes of different power;
  • bushing mounting assemblies;
  • fans;
  • time, temperature and pressure sensors;
  • contact points of generator lamps;
  • transformers;
  • welding electrodes for high frequency machines.

Spare parts and accessories presented in this section of our website are of high quality, reliability and durability. Such parts are guaranteed not to harm the polymer welding machine and not to reduce its efficiency.

Lamps for HDTV equipment

HDPE installations for polymer welding are equipped with specialized tube generators for generating electromagnetic energy. It is these devices that supply high-frequency current to the electrodes and power supplies of the grid circuits and the incandescent system.

Welding electrodes for high frequency machines

Metal electrodes are the main element of HDPE equipment for plastic welding. They are the ones that solder polymer webs together, forming a smooth, strong and almost invisible seam. If the welding electrode is damaged or worn, the quality of the machine suffers. In order to avoid defects and large monetary losses, you should promptly change the components that have failed.

In our catalog you will find welding electrodes of various designs designed to work with polymer materials of any thickness and strength.

To consult about the selection and order spare parts for TVCH machines, please call: +7(919)999-44-55.